The Vineyard


With a view to sustainability and our passion for natural systems, we manage the vineyard without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides.  In 2008, we ceased the use of under-vine herbicide, purchasing an under-vine slasher to control unruly summer grass.  The application of organic compost and mulching of our pruning canes helps maintain our soil health, carbon levels and biodiversity.  We graze sheep in the vineyard after vintage and pruning, avoiding the need for additional tractor passes, while naturally fertilizing our soils! 

All major activities including picking, pruning and canopy management are done by hand. 

We run a VSP trellis system with arched canes, to ensure maximum light and air penetration into the canopy. This assists with the aim of always picking our fruit with optimum phenological ripeness. The even nature of the long season also helps achieve this goal.


The Crawford River vineyard is situated in far South-West Victoria, approximately 50kms inland from the wild Southern Ocean.

We are a cool, not cold climate, with a long, even growing season.  Having neither a coastal nor Mediterranean climate, the vineyard enjoys a moderating influence from the Southern Ocean. This helps cool the hot summer days, while elongating ripening hours during the late Summer and Autumn ripening period.  


Situated at the confluence of an ancient risen seabed and volcanic plain, the site boasts an unusually complex, mineral-rich soil composition and is planted in a natural amphitheatre, with a N-NW aspect on a gentle slope. The duplex soils comprise gravelly loam or friable clay, over an ironstone-rich clay loam layer, ultimately lying above a limestone base. These combined aspects of our site help create intensity of flavour while maintaining acid balance and integrity. 


Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon are the two dominant varieties, with smaller plantings of Cabernet Franc, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. All these later flowering varieties flourish on our cool site, which benefit from the long, even, growing season.

Sustainability Profile Sustainability Profile

Sustainability Profile